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Brow Lamination Expert Training (Group Class)

"Get Runway-Ready Brows with the Hottest Beauty Trend: Brow Lamination!"

1 Day in Person plus online training

During the training, participants will learn about the brow lamination process, including the tools and products needed, as well as the techniques involved in straightening and shaping the eyebrows. They will also learn about aftercare instructions and how to properly communicate with clients to ensure their satisfaction.


The training covers a range of topics, including sanitation and safety, product knowledge, brow mapping, and brow shaping techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills on models under the guidance of experienced brow lamination experts.

At the end of the training, participants will receive a certification of attendance, indicating that they have successfully attended the course and have learned how to perform brow lamination treatments on clients. With this certification, you can add brow lamination to their list of services, helping you grow your business and offer clients a popular and effective beauty treatment. (You will have to see your local laws & permits regarding this service)

    • A  Premium Kit
    • 1 Day in Person Class
    • Theoretical and practical instructions
    • One-on-one demonstrations of live models (In person Class)
    • Work on live models
    • A Certificate of Attendance
    • 1 month of support from an instructor.
    • Resources to Open your Business
    • Unlimited Access to online resources
    • Discount on Branding
    • Discount on Website Creation
    • Access to additional material (photos, videos, tutorials)

Topics Covered​

During the 1-Day Course

Cost of Investment & Financing​​

Your Best Investment is in Your Career

Price and Payment Plans

  • Full Price ($350) + Processing Fees
This payment option allows you to pay for the training in full. The moment you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00 and you will be able to attend the training course.
  • Deposit ($50) + Processing Fees”

A deposit is only an initial payment. Your remaining balance will be $300.00, plus a processing fee when you complete it. The remaining balance will have to be paid one week before the start date of the class when paying with a card, and on the day of the class when paying with cash.


Financing is available through after-pay. Call us or send us a message and request a financing form to see if you qualify for same-day financing.

Training Course Program

Welcome and Introduction

  • Introduction of the trainer and participants
  • Overview of the brow lamination training program
  • Explanation of the benefits of brow lamination and its popularity in the beauty industry

Product Knowledge

  • Overview of the products used in brow lamination
  • Explanation of the different types of solutions and their uses
  • Demonstration of product application techniques

Brow Lamination Techniques

  • Explanation of the brow lamination process
  • Demonstration of the step-by-step procedure for brow lamination
  • Hands-on practice for participants under the guidance of the trainer

1Brow Shaping Techniques

  • Explanation of brow shaping and its importance in brow lamination
  • Overview of different brow shapes and how to choose the right shape for each client
  • Hands-on practice for participants to shape eyebrows

Brow Mapping

  • Explanation of brow mapping and its importance in brow lamination
  • Overview of different brow mapping techniques
  • Hands-on practice for participants to map eyebrows

Sanitation and Safety

  • Explanation of the importance of sanitation and safety in brow lamination
  • Overview of sanitation and safety guidelines
  • Demonstration of proper sanitation and safety procedures

Aftercare Instructions

  • Explanation of aftercare instructions for clients
  • Overview of different aftercare products and their uses
  • Demonstration of how to properly communicate aftercare instructions to clients

Final Assessment and Certification

  • Final assessment of participant’s skills and knowledge
  • Distribution of certificates of attendance to participants
  • Q&A session and wrap-up

This 1-day brow lamination expert training program is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the brow lamination process, including product knowledge, brow lamination techniques, brow shaping techniques, brow mapping, sanitation and safety, and aftercare instructions. Our program provides students with hands-on experience and practical skills, allowing them to offer high-quality brow lamination services to their clients.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Brow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that involves chemically straightening eyebrow hairs to create a fuller, thicker, and more defined look. This technique involves using a series of specially formulated products to soften and shape the eyebrow hairs, and then setting them in place using a brow-perming solution. The end result is a more groomed and polished look, with eyebrows that appear fuller and more symmetrical.

The brow lamination course can be taken online or in person, depending on your preference. The online course can be taken at any time by purchasing the training online, it takes about 6-8 hours to complete. On the other hand, for in-person training, one can sign up for one of the upcoming classes. The duration of the training in person is 1 day. 

We will include everything you need to start providing the service of brow lamination successfully. It includes brow lamination solution, brow tint, adhesive, applicators, and tools for shaping and styling the brows. (Read Above to see the full list)

You can purchase any extra products you may need from our online store.


Yes, upon completing the brow lamination course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the training provider. This certificate serves as proof that you have attended the necessary training and have demonstrated the required knowledge and skills.