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We enhance individial beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalized service. Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.


Micro-blading is a semi-permanent pigment that’s pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair and create bolder, natural-looking brows. Together we design a brow that is totally bespoke to you – your color will be mixed with the highest quality pigments just for you.

Microblading $380

Micro: Microblading Session with first Touchup (1 Hour 30 mins)

Color Boost (6-8 Month Touch Up) $150

Give your Microblading a color boost. 
(45 min)

Test Patch $60

If you have an allergy or medical condition it might be recommended to do a test patch. (20 min)

Less than a year touch up $150

Touch Ups Less than a year  (50 min)

ANNUAL Touch Up $200

Refresh. your Microblading to bring the color back with your yearly treatment (60 minutes)

Combo Brows
Combo Brows with first touch up $420

Microblading plus shading technique to give a fuller look, includes first touch up (1 hr 45 min)

ANNUAL Touch Up $200

Refresh your Combo Brows to bring the color back with your yearly treatment (60 minutes)

Ombré Eyebrows

Ombré brows are the newest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, and the method is constantly evolving. The shading technique is similar to that of a traditional tattoo, which involves the insertion of tiny dots of color into the skin. It creates a natural yet distinct brow once healed.

Ombré Brows with Touch Up $420

Ombré brows with the first touch-up (2 hours)

Ombré Color Boost (6-8 Months) $150

Boost the color of your Ombré brows with a small color boost (1 hour)

ANNUAL Ombré Touch Up $250

Refresh your Ombré brows with a yearly treatment to bring the color back (60 min)

Eyebrow Services

Brows can change it all. Try out styling and tinting your brows and see the difference.

Brow Wax & Style $29

Includes a brow consultation, wax & style. (20 min)

Brow Trim $20

Includes a brow consultation, trim & style. (20 min)

Brow Tweeze $20

Includes a brow consultation, tweeze & style. (20 min)

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Nano Brows

With our advanced nano needle technology, the pigment is deposited with precision, giving you the most natural and flawless results. No more time spent in front of the mirror every morning, no more worrying about your brows throughout the day.

Nano Brows with Touch Up $450

Nano Brows Session (Machine Work) with first touch up (2 hours)

Nano Brows Color Boost $150

Give your Nano Brows a Color Boost (60 min)

Nano Brows ANNUAL Touch Up $200

Refresh your brows with a yearly NANO Brow Touch-Up (60 min)

Permanent Eyeliner

You can choose to have eyelash enhancement which is a series of dots in the lash line to create the appearance of more lashes or choose to have a thin eyeliner for a natural definition or create a stronger thicker look to give the appearance of liquid eyeliner.

Lash Line: Upper & Lower Eyeliner $320

Permanent Eyeliner, Just the lash line with first touch up (2 hours 20 min)

Lash Line: Upper Eyeliner $300

Permanent Eyeliner, Just the lash line with First Touch up (1 hour 30 min)

Winged Eyeliner: Upper Eyeliner $360

Winged Permanent Eyeliner with the first touch- up (1 hour 30 min)

Winged Eyeliner: Upper & Lower $390

Winged Permanent Eyeliner with the first touch-up (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Extra Touch up $150

(1 Hour)

Less than a year touch up $180

(1 Hour)

Lip Blushing

How lovely to have beautifully shaped full lips that all you need is a little lip gloss.

Many of us lack lip definition and symmetry and with age our lips can become paler and thinner. Perfectly symmetrical fuller lips can be created with a lip liner with blend or full lip colour. There is a choice from the most soft, subtle natural colours to stronger deeper shades-the choice is yours.

Lip Blush with Touch Up $430

Lip Blushing Full Lip Color with first touch-up (2 hours)

Lip Liner with Touch Up $320

Permanent Lip Liner Only (1 hour 30 mins)

1 year Touch Up $200

(60 mins)

2 Year Touch Up $250

(60 Mins)

Color Boost $150

(7-8 Months After Procedure Max)

Brow Lamination

If you have uncontrolled brows that need to be tamed, eyebrow lamination could be the solution! Keratin eyebrow lamination can give you the perfect brows you’ve always wanted. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about eyebrow lamination, including what it is, who should get it, is it safe, and what to anticipate at an appointment.

Eyebrow Lamination $75

(45 Mins)

Eyebrow Lamination & Henna $120

(60 Mins)

Eyelash Lamination & Lift $70

(45 Mins)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Click on the “Book an appointment button”, and you will be forwarded to our online system to book your appointment. Rush and book your appointment we’re booked months in advance.

Before your appointment, we highly encourage our clients to check out our Instagram and “shop” for eyebrows or treatments on our feed. Eyebrows, Eyeliners, & Lips come in many shapes and styles, from feathered to bold, arched to straight, different colors, and shapes. Our technicians will work with you to customize your best brows/eyeliner/lips. In the week before your appointment, we recommend avoiding blood thinners, aspirin, alcohol, or using retinol creams. Please read the pre-procedure tab for your process before your appointment. And fill out the respective paperwork.

Please read the aftercare instructions tab under each procedure to follow the instructions. On our other website

No, we do not recommend anyone to get Permanent Makeup/Microblading while pregnant or breastfeeding.


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