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Expert Ombré Brows Training (1-1 Classes)

"Elevate Your Brow Game with Expert Ombré Brows Training: Sign Up for 1-1 Classes and Achieve the Perfect Look!"

3 Days in Person and 12 Levels of online Assisted Practice

1 Months of Support

Are you interested in mastering the art of ombré brows? Look no further than our Expert Ombré Brows Training, also offered in a one-to-one setting. This comprehensive course is led by industry-leading professionals, covering everything from color theory and brow mapping to the latest shading techniques. With hands-on practice and personalized feedback, you’ll leave feeling confident and ready to elevate your brow game to the next level. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your skills and join a community of passionate beauty professionals. Enroll now in our Expert Ombré Brows Training group class!

In addition to receiving personalized instruction, you will also have the opportunity to practice your skills on live models under the supervision of your instructor. This will allow you to refine your technique and gain confidence in your abilities as an ombré practitioner.

Upon completing our group ombré brows training course, you will receive a certificate of attendance, demonstrating your expertise in this exciting and lucrative field. You will be equipped with the skills you need to start offering microblading services to your clients and grow your business

  • A $600 Premium Kit
  • 3 Day in Person Class
  • Theoretical and practical instructions
  • One-on-one demonstrations of live models
  • Work on skin simulations
  • Work on live models
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • 6 months of support from an instructors
  • Resources to Open your Business
  • 12 levels of additional online training practice
  • Discount on Branding
  • Discount on Website Creation
  • Access to additional material (photos, videos, tutorials)

Topics Covered​

During the 3-Day Course

Cost of Investment & Financing​

Your Best Investment is in Your Career


Financing is available through after-pay. Call us or send us a message and request a financing form to see if you qualify for same-day financing.

Training Course Program

Day 1:

Introduction to Ombré Brows and Theory:

  • Introduction to the Ombré Brows technique and its benefits
  • Face Anatomy and brow shapes
  • Health and safety precautions for the Ombré Brows procedure
  • Skin types and their effects on the Ombré Brows technique
  • Color theory and pigment selection
  • Overview of the tools and equipment needed for Ombré Brows

Day 2:


Hands-On Practice:

  • Practice of Ombré Brows on live models under the supervision of the trainer
  • Feedback and corrections provided by the trainer to improve the technique
  • Troubleshooting common mistakes made by beginners

Client Consultation and Communication:

  • How to conduct a client consultation for Ombré Brows
  • How to communicate the procedure process and aftercare instructions to clients
  • Tips for building a successful cosmetic tattooing business

Day 3:

Marketing and Business Management:

  • How to create a brand and market your cosmetic tattooing services
  • Strategies for building and growing your client base
  • Business management and financial considerations for a cosmetic tattooing business

Exam and Certification:

  • Trainees will take a final exam to demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned during the training course
  • Certificate of Attendance will be given at the end of the training.

This three-day Ombré Brows Training program provides trainees with theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and business management skills necessary to build a successful cosmetic tattooing business.


Your Free Professionals Starter Kit​​


Provides services for up to 30 procedures.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our Ombré brows training program. The cost of the program is $2200, and we are pleased to offer payment plans through Afterpay to help make the program more accessible to our students. Afterpay allows you to divide the cost of the training into four interest-free payments, making it easier for you to manage your finances while investing in your education and career development. We understand that financing options are important to many students, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals in a way that works for you. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Ombré brows training program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ombré brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that creates a gradual transition of color from the front of the brow to the tail, resulting in a natural-looking gradient effect. Unlike other brow treatments, such as microblading or shading, Ombré brows do not create individual hair-like strokes or fill in the entire brow area with solid color. Instead, the technique involves layering pigment in a way that mimics the look of softly shaded makeup, achieving a subtle yet defined brow that is suitable for a wide range of skin types and preferences. Ombré brows also have the advantage of lasting longer than some other brow treatments, with results that can last up to 2-3 years with proper care and maintenance. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about our Ombré brows training program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our Ombré brows training program. At our training program, we offer a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of the Ombré brows technique, including theory, practice on live models, and ongoing support and mentorship. Our program typically takes 2-3 days to complete, depending on the size of the class and the experience level of the students. We believe in providing our students with a thorough and immersive learning experience, and we are committed to ensuring that each student feels confident and competent in their skills before they complete the program. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about our Ombré brows training program, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 356-7392